Photos in a fabulously messy style!

Incorporating food is a fun way to ensure your child has the time of their life – and it makes for some hilarious and adorable pics too!

At Digital Art Images, we think that a fruit smash shoot is a perfectly playful way to celebrate their first year in fabulously messy style.



Session Fee £40

Cake & Fruit Not Included


10 edited digital images 



Extra Images £10 each

Fine Art Portrait & Bubble  Bath is free with any of the Food Smashes 


To get the best results from your baby’s special photo session, we recommend that your child is aged between 10 and 13 months old. On average, most babies are at this point able to sit up by themselves and stand with a bit of help from their parents.

Unsurprisingly, photographing babies at their best can be quite challenging; your little one will change his or her mood from moment to moment and it can take a little while to get the perfect pictures without tiring them out too much.

Make sure your baby is well-rested and well-fed before you bring them to the morning session as this will make sure they are bright-eyed and bonnie for the cameras.

For children taking part in smash shoot, things can obviously get a little messy. We ask that parents bring a change of outfit so that we can get some nice shots – with and without cake all over the place!